Solar Loan Finance Options

Solar loans are similar to home improvement loans with one big difference. While you borrow money from a lender and pay monthly installments to repay for the improvement, the solar panels generate a return over its life that a traditional home improvement does not.

Solar Lease Options

A solar company installs a system with little to no upfront costs. You are essentially leasing the solar in exchange for the electricity the panels produce.

Solar PPA Options

A solar power purchase agreement (PPA) is similar to a solar lease in that you do not pay upfront costs for solar panel installation. You pay for the power that the solar panels generate at a cheaper rate than what your utility provider charges.

Understanding the different solar programs available to you is crucial in taking the next step in going solar. Our Energy Advisors are experts in explaining each program and how they apply to you.

Third Party Ownership Ownership
PPA Lease Prepaid Cash Loan Pace
Adds Value to Your Home x x x x
No Debt x x x x x
No Lien x x x x
Eligible to Receive Federal Tax Credit x x x
No Upfront Costs x x x x
Fixed Payment * x x x x
Transferable to New Homeowner x x x x x x
System Performance Guarantee * x x x x x x
Monitoring / Maintenance / Insurance * x x x x x x
* Depending on certain product offerings.