How do I select a solar provider?

You’ve decided solar is right for you. Now you’ll need to select the right finance option. From the initial quote to financing, the system design and maintenance, Empower is with you from beginning to end of your solar installation. Choosing the right finance product is  an important decision. Consider the following factors as you decide on a provider:

  1. Understand your options

    Solar ownership is a great way to go but may not always be the best option for you.  Some questions to ask when considering purchasing your solar are:  Do I qualify for the Federal Tax Credit?  Is my roof positioned well for the panels to optimize production?  Is there any shading caused by large trees or other obstructions that would decrease my production?  How long do I plan on staying in the home?  In some cases, depending on how you'd answer those questions, a solar PPA or lease may be a great way to go.

  2. Check company reviews

    You want to work with the company who will best work with you. Experience and certifications go only so far. Read reviews through Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, and Google. Don’t be afraid to ask a potential company for references from past customers.

  3. Request a Quote

    Consider what factor is most important to you: financing, customer satisfaction, aesthetics, warranties, service and maintenance.

Financing Partners

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