Why Empower

About Us

Most companies have a limited product offering, which means fewer choices for you. Our broad network with the top finance partners in the industry, helps us to find the best fit for your particular needs. We approach each customer with a completely unbiased view on which solar option is best for them. We provide a more customized solar solution for our customers by truly understanding their needs and educating them on their options. With our own in house installation crews, we provide our customers with the best value, coupled with world class customer service. Our mission is to play an integral role in transitioning our communities to a more sustainable energy future.

Our Mission

“To make a person stronger, more confident, and better able to control their life.” This is the definition of the word “empower,” which describes our customer-centered approach to solar solutions. As a company, we seek to:

  • Empower communities with more affordable, cleaner, and sustainable energy;
  • Empower our customers with the freedom of choice by presenting the best solar products with the industry’s top providers;
  • Empower our energy advisors by providing the best solar solutions with the best partners in the industry.